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The Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

As far as brosse anti fourche tools go, few are as massively undervalued as the humble brush. It might not be as fun to use as, say, a , but the right brush can be a serious gamechanger for both the look and health of your hair. The issue: All brushes are not created equal. In fact, figuring out how to actually choose one for you can be a tedious exercise: boar, metal, or nylon? Round, vented, or paddle? To make things easier, we enlisted the help of top stylists who break down the exact types of bristles that play best with every type of hair.

A brush made from pure boar bristles isn’t bad for thick hair, but Nexxus celebrity stylist points out they really shine on women with finer hair thanks to the fact that they’re super-gentle—a perk for delicate texture. “[Boar bristles] glide right through hair, so they don’t pull or snag,” Vigi says. Boar bristles also work well on dry hair, given how well they distribute oils from your scalp, which helps condition the hair naturally. In order to make the most of your boar bristles—which are usually stiff at first—Jason J Dougherty of New York suggests submerging the bristles in hot water for 20 minutes. After, rake the brush downwards across a corner’s edge.These get better with time and a good-quality [boar bristle] brush will last you years.

According to Dougherty, brushes with mixed bristles are especially beneficial for curly hair. “I like a blend because it provides a lot of tension and creates high shine curls and waves,” he said. This type of brush is also key if you’re looking to add volume to your hair, especially when the bristles are wide-spaced.
One thing to note: If you’re prone to frizz, a stylist at New York’s Salon SCK, recommends drying your hair immediately after the shower, when your hair is still slick. “Focus on the roots of each section first before making your way to the ends,” he explains. “The tension from the brush will eliminate frizz for the rest of the day.”

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